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Create a safe space for your adventurous cat

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A safe space for your cat

The safe cat proof fence that attaches to any existing fencing.

You never want to find your cat after an unfortunate accident, or spend days waiting anxiously for their return.

By keeping your cat safe, you'll also save time and money.

A safe space for your adventurous cat

How to Install

This is the best thing we ever did for our cat, she has not tried to get out of our yard since installing the fence.


We would recommend this to anyone who loves cats and wants to keep them safe and at home. When installed you can not even notice it is there, but our cat knows and won't go near it. Until we installed the fence we didn't know how to keep her in, not  anymore! thank you SmartCats it sure made our cat Smart.

~ Ross Trenning, New South Wales ~

I have been on my own for sometime now and I spend a lot of time at home in the garden which I enjoy but it can get lonely. After I lost my husband my two closest companions have been my two cats Rascal and Nuggat, I often stop what I am doing and just watch them play. Rascal is a lovely cat but he has a tendancy to roam the neighbourhood. A friend suggested your SmartCats Fence to keep Nuggat from roaming and it works. I am sure it has saved his life because the roads are very busy where I live.

~ K Poulsen, Queensland ~

Just brilliant. We bought the extension pack for our larger yard and I had it installed in an afternoon. Our cats went over once, came in through the front door and then never went near it again. The price is much lower and the installation easier than other fencing systems. It's also much cheaper than a trip to the vet after an injury out and about. We spent $3000 on a cat that was hit car! Fortunately she is back to 100% now.

Another bonus is the neighbour's cat can no longer walk down the fence and tease our dog.

~ Kim Burke, Western Australia ~

Fully Guaranteed

Our SmartCats StayHome Electronic Cat Proof Fence will keep your cats safe inside your property and your cats will not cross the fence once it has been installed correctly. If you are not completely satisfied please return the product within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. We also provide a 5 year warranty on all parts including the controller.

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