Cat Proof Fences for Cat Lovers

A SmartCats StayHome cat proof fence will prevent your cat from roaming out of your property and onto busy roads or neighbours properties. A thin wire attaches to the top of your existing fences and plugs into the SmartCats StayHome Electronic Controller to create a barrier your cat will not cross.

Designed for easy DIY installation and with our step-by-step video guide, this fully supported solution will allow you to provide a safe haven for your precious feline friend to move around, inside and out, while staying safe in your property.

Keep your cat safe today and pay later with Afterpay.

  • Keeping your Cat Safe

    Your cat can enjoy the freedom of outdoors but remain safe in your yard. SmartCats StayHome cat proof fences are safe to use and endorsed by Animal Rescue.

  • Guaranteed to Work

    SmartCats StayHome cat proof fences are guaranteed to work with a 30 day money back guarantee. They also include a 3 year warranty.

  • Free Shipping

    We provide free shipping for your SmartCats StayHome cat fences throughout New Zealand and Australia.

  • Hidden & High Quality

    Our cat fences are discrete and very cost effective with Australian Manufactured Electronic Controller.

Pay Later with Afterpay

Secure your yard and keep your cat safe today, and pay later with Afterpay.

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  • Discrete

    Our cat proof fences are discreet and attach to any fence type.

  • Effective

    SmartCats StayHome cat fences are proven to work.

  • Simple

    Cat fencing designed for DIY installation - simple and easy.

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How to Order

You will require 1 x Installation Pack, this includes the electronic controller, wire and brackets for your cat proof fence. Select the option for your fence type: Timber, Colorbond or Masonry.
Measure the length of fence you wish to enclose with the cat fence.
Small courtyards generally require a 25m Installation Pack.
A standard yard will usually require a 50m Installation Pack.
If your property is larger you may require a 25m or a 50m Extension Kit to extend the length of the cat fence. Order online and your cat fence will be shipped to your door.

  • "This is the best thing we ever did for our cat, she has not tried to get out of our yard since installing the fence. "

    Ross Trenning, New South Wales

  • "Just brilliant. We bought the extension pack for our larger yard and I had it installed in an afternoon. Another bonus is the neighbour's cat can no longer walk down the fence and tease our dog."

    Kim Burke, Western Australia

  • "We would not be able to have a cat if we didn't have this cat fence since the Mornington Peninsula Shire have strict bylaws re wandering cats."

    Bill Young, Victoria

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Endorsements - Dunroamin Animal Rescue

"This is by far the best and most humane solution available." - Dunroamin Animal Rescue

Dunroamin Animal Rescue is actively working throughout NSW and VIC Australia, rescuing cats in distress and finding them new forever homes.

Our cat fences are fully endosed by Dunroamin Animal Rescue.

  • Cat Fence Installation Pack for Timber Fences.

Easy to Attach - Watch the Step-by-Step Video Guide

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