About Us

Designed and Manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards

The SmartCats StayHome cat proof fence is designed and manufactured to meet the high standards for Australian and New Zealand as well as the harsh environment of this climate. The controller is designed to run continuously and costs less than $10.00 per year to operate, so once it is installed, turn it on and leave it on as a permanent solution for keeping your pets safely inside your yard and away from cars and roads.


With 10 years experience, we know our SmartCats StayHome Electronic Cat Proof Fence Solution works! It will keep your cats safe inside your property and your cats will not cross the fence once it has been installed correctly. If you are not completely satisfied please return the product within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Our SmartCats StayHome Cat Fences are manufactured to the highest standards and we provide a 5 year warranty on all parts including the controller.

Minimum Requirements

  • The SmartCats StayHome fence attaches to your existing fence
  • Minimum height requirement for your existing fence 1.5m or 5 feet high.
  • The controller plugs into a normal plug outlet preferably inside (most customers plug the controller into a garage or laundry power outlet).
  • The controller is not weather proof and must be protected from getting wet.
  • If the control unit is installed outside it must be installed in a weatherproof enclosure.
  • The wire must not touch any branches or leaves, the only maintenance required is to keep leaves and branches trimmed to prevent from touching the wire. If branches or leaves touch the wire no harm is caused to the controller but it will reduce the effectiveness of the SmartCats StayHome fence.