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How to Install

Easy to Install

A thin polywire sits discretely above your fence, when your cat jumps to the top of your fence it touches the wire and feels the small pulse in the wire and gets a fright. The pulse in the wire is harmless but your cat will retreat back to the safety of your yard. After your cat has felt the pulse in the wire it will approach the wire cautiously a few more times but the result is the same. Once your cat accepts the fence it will not continue to challenge the cat fence. This is unlike a physical barrier, if you create a physical barrier your cat will try to jump or climb higher and further. The SmartCats StayHome electronic cat proof fence will also keep other cats out of your property, this will prevent the risk of cat fights.

Suitable For All Fence Types

The SmartCats StayHome cat proof fence will give you the confidence of knowing your cat (or cats) are safe in your yard, many of our customers have very small courtyards but still wish to allow their cat to enjoy the thrill of being outside. Installation Packs include all of the components required for small to medium courtyards up to 50 meters. Customers with front and backyards will often choose to only fence the backyard, this reduces cost and eliminates the need to have the whole property fenced. For larger properties we offer an extension kits to allow any size property to be fitted with a cat fence. We offer a choice of brackets to suit either masonry fences, timber fences or Colorbound metal fences. Many homes have a variety of fence types or heights and the SmartCats StayHome cat fence is very flexible to work with a wide range of fences if you have any questions about our cat fence for your property please contact us and will be pleased to answer any questions.

Minimum Requirements

  • The SmartCats StayHome cat fence attaches to your existing fence
  • Minimum height requirement for your existing fence 1.5m or 5 feet high.
  • The controller plugs into a normal plug outlet preferably inside (most customers plug the controller into a garage or laundry power outlet).
  • The controller is not weather proof and must be protected from getting wet.
  • If the control unit is installed outside it must be installed in a weatherproof enclosure.
  • The wire must not touch any branches or leaves, the only maintenance required is to keep leaves and branches trimmed to prevent from touching the wire. If branches or leaves touch the wire no harm is caused to the controller but it will reduce the effectiveness of the SmartCats StayHome cat fence.