The SmartCats StayHome electric cat fence attaches to your existing fence:

- Minimum height requirement for your existing fence 1.5m or 5 feet high.
- The controller plugs into a normal plug outlet preferably inside (most customers plug the controller into a garage or laundry power outlet).
- The controller is not weather proof and must be protected from getting wet.
- If the control unit is installed outside it must be installed in a weatherproof enclosure.
- The wire must not touch any branches or leaves, the only maintenance required is to keep leaves and branches trimmed to prevent from touching the wire.
- If branches or leaves touch the wire no harm is caused to the controller but it will reduce the effectiveness of the SmartCats StayHome fence.

No, DIY installation is easy with all of the components necessary to install the SmartCats StayHome fence included in the kit, along with easy to follow instructions. The only tools required are a screwdriver and a drill. Once it is installed correctly it will be effective immediately.

SmartCats StayHome fences do not require batteries. The electronic control unit plugs into a power socket and uses a tiny amount of power to energize the polywire. You can control when it is energized by turning the power socket switch on or off. The only maintenance required is that we recommend trees and shrubs are trimmed so they do not touch the polywire.

No! The SmartCats StayHome fence will not harm cats and is petsafe. Cats have very sensitive pads on their paws so they will feel a small pulse when they touch the polywire boundary. No harm is inflicted on the cat, but the cat will retreat and not cross the polywire. Acting as a psychological barrier to prevent the cat from returning.

The SmartCats controller plugs into a standard power outlet and puts a small electronic pulse in the wire every 1-2 seconds. This uses a very small amount of power and costs less than $10 per year.